ANIARA: fragments of time and space

Performance: September 1, at 20.00

Stage: Temppeliaukio Church

Language: English, with some Swedish

Length: ca 90 min

Surtitles (synopsis): in booklets, Swedish, Finnish, English

Tickets: Fienta

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Performance: August 30, at 20.00

Stage: Baltic Sea Festival, Berwald hall

Language: English, with some Swedish

Length: ca 95 min

Tickets: Baltic Sea Festival

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ANIARA: fragments of time and space

A musical work based on Harry Martinson's classic space epic about humanity at a crossroads

In collaboration with The Crossing, one of America's foremost chamber choirs and a three-time Grammy winner, Klockriketeatern returns with the musical performance – once in Stockholm and once in Helsinki.

Aniara is based on Nobel Prize winner Harry Martinson's cosmic story. Aniara takes us on a space adventure, examining humanity at a crossroads, fleeing from a planet we ourselves have destroyed. Despite its dystopian tones, Aniara is a stunningly beautiful, exceptionally high quality musical performance. 

The libretto is written by the director of Klockriketeatern, Dan Henriksson, and the American composer Robert Maggio has composed the work.

Aniara: fragments of time and space is Klockriketeatern's largest production of all time. The musical performance had its world premiere in Philadelphia in June 2019 and was then acclaimed by critics and the audience. In July 2019, Aniara was performed at the international choir festival Koorbiennale in the Netherlands, and in September of the same year it was performed 6 times to sold-out audiences at the Finnish National Opera.

"America’s Most Astonishing Choir."
– The New York Times

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Music: Robert Maggio (USA)

Conductor: Donald Nally (USA)

Assistant conductor: Kevin Vondrak (USA)

Libretto & director: Dan Henriksson (FIN)

Choreography: Antti Silvennoinen (FIN)

Set, light- & videodesign: Joonas Tikkanen (FIN)

Light & video operator: Otso Vartiainen (FIN)

Sound design: Paul Vazquez (USA)

Sound technician: Anders Pohjola (FIN)

Costumes: Erika Turunen (FIN)

Production design: Elizabeth Haidle (USA)

Graphic design: Nils Krogell (FIN)


On stage

Singers – The Crossing:
Karen Blanchard, Rebecca Myers, Rebecca Siler, Katy Avery (S)
Joanna Gates, Lauren Kelly, Maren Montalbano, Elisa Sutherland (A)
Steven Bradshaw, Micah Dingler, Michael Jones, James Reese (T)
Thann Scoggin, Steven Hyder, Daniel Schwartz, Jackson Williams (B)

Actors – Klockriketeatern:
Matti Raita and Carl Alm, with Antti Silvennoinen (pekingopera)

Instrumentalists – Aniara Band:
Markku Luuppala (cl), Iida Sinivalo (vc), Jarmo Julkunen (gtr), Magdalena Meitzner (perc), Pekka Saarikorpi (perc)


Production 2023: Klockriketeatern

Producer: Irina Duskova

Communication: Kristina Grönqvist von Bonsdorff, Ella Slunga, Sebastian Hornborg

Digital content: Darina Rodionova

Technical coordinator: Niko Mattila


Executive director, The Crossing: Jonathan Bradley

Creative director, The Crossing: Donald Nally

Theatre director, Klockriketeatern: Dan Henriksson


Berwaldhallen & Baltic Sea Festival

Project manager: Emma Nyberg


The Crossing

The Crossing, conducted by Donald Nally, is a professional chamber choir dedicated to contemporary music. The choir collaborates with creative artists to create and record significant new works for choir that explore and expand how to write choir music, how to sing choir music, and how to listen to choir music. Many of the nearly 160 commissioned works the choir has premiered address social, environmental and political issues. The choir is committed to recording its commissions, which has resulted in The Crossing releasing 29 recordings. The choir has received three Grammy Awards for Best Choral Performance (2018, 2019, 2023) and eight Grammy nominations.



Musical space-time continuum – Aniara with The Crossing and Klokriketeatern at Temppeliaukio Church
Jari Kallio, 2.9.2023

Rörigt och sövande rymdepos på Berwaldhallen
Johanna Paulsson, Dagens Nyheter, 31.8.2023


Aniara - profetisk framtidsvision eller dryg moralkaka?
Lasse Garoff, Marit Lindqvist and Silja Sahlgren-Fodstad
Kulturpodden, Svenska Yle, 26.8.2023

Om klassiker, kärnvapen och kärlek 
Dan Henriksson, Hufvudstadsbladet, 20.8.2023

Musiikkiteos Aniara Temppeliaukion kirkossa
Minna Karila, Töölöläinen, 13.8.2023

Original support for Aniara was provided to The Crossing by The Pew Center for Arts & Heritage, Philadelphia.

The show was originally produced by Klockriketeatern & The Crossing in 2019.



Harry Martinson's Aniara is represented by ALIS (Administration of Literary Rights in Sweden).

The rights to the score and libretto are managed by the composer and librettist.

All rights of the production are owned by The Crossing and Klockriketeatern.

Earlier performances

World premiere in Philadelphia in the US, June 20th, 2019
European premiere in Haarlem, the Netherlands, July 5th, 2019
Premiere in Helsinki, September 17th, 2019

Other performances


Videopremiere, Aniara – revisited


20.9 Songs from Aniara, at G18 in Helsinki

Songs from Aniara, a concert version of the work, was performed in 2020 in collaboration with the Finnish chamber choir Key Ensemble.


17.9 | 18.9 | 19.9 | 20.9 |  21.9 at the Finnish National Opera

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