Performances: 4.11 at 14.00 & 6.11 at 19.00

Stage: Vallila Stage (former Vallilan Kansallisteatteri)

Address: Aleksis Kiven katu 17 A, 00510 Helsinki

Accessibility and arrival instructions

Length: 1h 15 min

Language: Swedish (no surtitles)

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Audience discussion

Saturday 4 November at 15.15–approx. 16.00
An audience discussion after the performance with Director Laura Jäntti and Artistic Director Dan Henriksson. The discussion will be held in Swedish.

Performance introduction

Monday 6 November 18.15–18.45
A performance introduction with Director Laura Jäntti and Artistic Director Dan Henriksson. The introduction will be conducted in Swedish.

This production is a part of the Season at Vallila Stage and Svenska veckan.

The Ghost Sonata

Strindberg's classic in an interpretation that combines magic, manipulation and illusion with the dreamlike dance of physical theatre. In The Ghost Sonata we enter a world of deceit and self-deception, alternative facts and magic. Nothing is as it seems; existence appears as cruel and fragile, misty while crystal clear.

With The Ghost Sonata (1907), August Strindberg paved the way for new forms and content in expressionist and absurd theatre. The play is a devilishly sharp critique of contemporary life and the human condition. It depicts the complex and messy aspects of life and pokes holes in people's fragile imaginations. 

Director Laura Jäntti works with three strong actors who combine song, dance and circus.

Secrets are revealed, dreams are shattered, winners lose, and losers win. Who is who as the carousel spins ever more furiously, distorting the light of truth?

The performance was originally produced by Espoon Kaupunginteatteri (&) and Ulappa Productions in 2021.

Text: August Strindberg

Director and dramaturg: Laura Jäntti

Scenography and costumes: Milja Salovaara

Make-up: Shina Sirén

Lights: Joonas Tikkanen

Sound: Tommi Koskinen

Composition of songs: Markus Fagerudd

On stage: Ana-Yrsa Falenius, Siri Hamari, Janne Marja-aho

On tour 2023

Technical producer/Lights: Sisu Nojonen

Sound: Kristian Ekholm

Production: Klockriketeatern


Laura Jäntti har alltid bjudit Strindberg det motstånd han behöver
Ann-Christine Snickars, Åbo underrättelser, 6.3.2023

Puoli vuotta valmiina ollut Strindberg-tulkinta
päätettiin viimein esittää suljetulle yleisölle
 (Bakom betalmur.)
Lauri Meri, Helsingin Sanomat, 9.6.2021

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