– Finland's International Nomad Theater

Klockriketeatern is a Swedish-speaking theater company based in Helsinki, Finland.

Our name comes from the first production: Harry Martinson's The Road (Vägen till Klockrike) in 1991.

We are a nomad theater, that wanders the world like the drifter in Martinson's The Road.

Klockriketeatern operates without a permanent theater space – the world is our stage. Collaborations with theaters, groups and artists both in Finland and internationally are key to our productions, as well as multilingualism as an artistic practice.

We move across boarders to new places, asking questions, staying curious. We are interested in the human experience and the artistic process.

Klockriketeatern is operated by Klockriketeatern r.f.

Our mission

Klockriketeatern is interested in exploring the world around us and promoting humanistic values through collaboration and dialogue. Performing art of the highest quality is our primary method. Klockriketeatern creates meeingts between people and understanding of the world. We value education, competence and bold experiments. We work internationally and are happy to share our knowledge, in many languages.

Our vision

Klockriketeatern is a living and international meeting place for artists and audiences, where meaningful performing art is born out of good conversation. Our productions stem from strong ideas and in collaboration with the best of the international theater scene. We examine complex questions and perform for an enthusiastic audience in many languages, both in Finland and globally.

Language & audience

Our deepest roots are in the the swedish language. Today we strengthen our linguistic identity through multilingual collaborations. Multilingualism is a strategic choice.

We have also published a book about multilingual theater.

Klcokriketeatern meets our audience durinig performances, seminars, discussions and online. We collaborate with artists and groups from different countries and cultures on a regular basis.

Equality & anti-racism

At Klockriketeatern, we work actively for equality and equity. We do not tolerate any kind of discrimination based on gender, religion, sexual orientation, skin color, etnicity, language, social background, disability, or harrasment of any other kind.

The theater has an equality plan and a continuous discussion abou preventing any kind of discrimination. The plan is presented to everyone we work with and is regularly updated. We also have an equality team consisting of employees at the theater, as well as an external contact person (member of the board). Anyone of the employees, freelancers and other personnell are encouraged to contact them in any case of discrimination or other misconduct happening at the theater or associated with our work. All matters will be taken seriously and handled with confidentiality. We follow up on statistics and data about equality yearly.

The national campaign Call for action (2020) inspired us to further deal with questions about anti-racism strategies and examinig our own position through intersectional analysis. We want to develop our competence in preventing racism in the theater field and identifying our limited points of wiew.

Diversity & accessibility

Klockriketeatern's choices of repertoir and collaborators display a genuine intrest in questions regarding diversity, examining power structures and crossing borders between people, cultures and languages. Being i Swedish speaking theater in Finland, we work with minority issues on a daily basis. Diversity is a crucial part of our ethos.

As a nomad theater, Klockriketeatern co-operates with different theaters and stages. Accessibility is of big consideration to us, and we work for equality and intersectionalism in the theater world. Physical accessibility regarging a specific productions is mentioned separately.

Klockriketeatern is supported by

The Ministry of Education and Culture
The City of Helsinki (culture & leisure)
Svenska kulturfonden
Föreningen Konstsamfundet
– and the audience. Thank you!



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You can reach us by email: firstname@klockrike.fi or klockrike@klockrike.fi

We are nomads: Please remember to check the stage/location of the current performance!

Our office is located in SFV-huset G18 on Georgsgatan 18, Helsinki
(no performances)

Our post adress is Brobacken 4/2 00610 Borgå Finland


Dan Henriksson
Artistic director
+358 407 033 008

Carl Alm

Irina Duskova

Head of production

Ida Rosenblad

Communications Manager

Kristina Grönqvist von

040 8401 938

Ella Slunga

Nils Krogell
Graphic desiger

Darina Rodionova
Digital content creator


Jesper Karlsson, chair
Ragni Grönblom-Jolly
Tomas Järvinen
Kirsikka Moring
Kristina Grönqvist von Bonsdorff

Invoicing information

Klockriketeatern rf
Brobacken 4/2
06100 Borgå, Finland
IBAN: FI03 4055 7020 0574 37
Y-tunnus: 1009719-2