America’s Most Astonishing Choir Hates Sounding Pretty

The New York Times writes about The Crossing - and Aniara.Read more »

Everything is loaded with memories, meanings and metaphors

The literary scholar, Johan Wrede, tells about his meeting with Harry Martinson, a writer mainly interested in mapping the human predicament – and about Aniara, which is a work which is equally relevant today as it was 60 years ago.Read more »

Multilingualism as an artistic practice

Our universe is multilingual. Our theatre is usually not. Is multilingualism an issue in the culture of theatre? Is it counterproductive? What are the challenges in creating theatre in a multilingual context? Why do we do it? And why wouldn’t we?Read more »

Community art: from viewers to makers.

After a couple of years of Klockriketeatern's community art project Kätketty Vuosaari, we want to discuss and share tools with our colleagues about community engaged art.Read more »

Aniara 2019 - going back to the roots

Klockriketeaterns first show 25 years ago, was Vägen till Klockrike - a play based on the novel by the same name written by Harry Martinson. Ever since, the vision and poetry of Martinson has been present in the works of Klockriketeatern.Read more »

Collaboration coming up

Klockriketeatern, in collaboration with Ģertrūdes ielas teātris (LV), proudly presentsRead more »

Noitavaino kommer!

Regissör Akse Pettersson, vad handlar Noitavaino om?Read more »