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February 9th 2022 Åbo Svenska Teater

This carnivalesque interpretation of William Shakespeare's classic honors the original language and text, while bringing the age old questions of power and honor to a present day context. Perfomances in Finnsh and Swedish at Universum Theatre House, as a co-production with Sirius Teatern.

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As an act of solidarity with the people and the theater community in Belarus, Klockriketeatern is reading Andrei Kureichik's play – together with theaters around the world. The reading is published as a video, in English.
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Conversations about performing art. Together with artists, scholars and other theater professionals we discuss different aspects of creating and experiencing theater. You can subscribe to Shakespearepodden in your own podcast app.
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Multilingualism in theater: How do we understand spoken text? How does the message reach the audience, despite language – and by what means? In our book Adventures in Languageland (2019) and in different seminars we present creative solutions for making multilingual theater. 

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