blåtonad bild med en kvinna framme i vänstra hörnet och en grön videoprojektion i bakgrunden

Celebrate pre-Christmas with a culinary theatre experience


In November, Klockriketeatern presents the show "Dalen. På Jorden." (The Valley. On Earth.) at the Finnish National Theatre's Vallila Stage. Grab the chance and book an exclusive performance for your company!

The performance offers new music to texts by, among others, Harry Martinson, Pablo Neruda, and Solveig von Schoultz, while wild food chef Jyrki Tsutsunen offers vegan delicacies from the Finnish forest. The evening's host, the actor Carl Alm, guides us through the performance to music by Amanda Blomqvist, Natalia Castrillón, Mirva Ormin, and Martin Ormin. It's an experience for all the senses!

The theme is current – the emergency situation our planet is now in. The performance is inspired by Professor Johan Rockström's idea that there are nine threshold points that disturb the Earth's stability. If we exceed some of them, there is no turning back.

The emergency is already familiar to us, but where do we find the light and hope on our way to a fossil-free future?

En person bränner granris i en stor kastrull

You are warmly welcome to book an exclusive performance for you and your staff!

Date: according to the agreed date and time during 8–11.11.2023 (e.g. 8.11 at 7 p.m.)
Place: The Finnish National Theatre's Vallila Stage, Helsinki (The Train Factory, Bruno Granholmin kuja)
Language: Swedish. The songs are sung in English, Spanish and Swedish. 
Length: about 70 minutes
Menu: look below

70-110 persons: 4500€
111-150 persons: 5500€
Confirmation and confirmation fee (€500) as agreed.

Bookings and inquiries are directed to Kristin Helgaker, (until the 6th of June, and from 7th of June onwards to

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Invite students to a performance!

Does your company want to invite a high school class to watch a theater play about the planet's emergency?
Get in touch for more information. 


Samples of vegan food are served during the event

Possible medical allergies are reported to the theatre no later than two weeks before the event to


Subject to change.

Pine mayonnaise, female pine flowers and puffed barley

Onion pie, black garlic mayonnaise, fermented red onion,
fried yellow onions, chives, chive flowers and leek ashes

Marinated mushroom and kimchi

Whipped porridge of rowan berries, fir-tree sauce and spun sugar

Klockriketeatern – our aim is to create meaningful performing arts 

Klockriketeatern is a Finnish-Swedish theater based in Helsinki. We are a nomadic theater without a fixed stage – the world is our stage. We wander, like Harry Martinson's vagabonds, across borders and into new places, to ask questions of ourselves and others. We collaborate with other theatres, groups and artists in Finland and internationally, in many languages. Our goal is to create meaningful performing arts. Klockrike is a credible and respected actor in the cultural field and from 2022 also a state-funded theatre.