Nothing is impossible in this exhilarating and powerful visual performance about the future.

Premiere: January 31, 2023

Other performances: 1.2–18.2.2023

Duration: 1h 15min

Stage: Espoo City Theatre, Revontuli hall

Producers: Klockriketeatern & Espoo City Theatre

Language: Finnish with possible elements of other languages. The performance will be subtitled in Finnish, Swedish, English and Russian via a mobile app.

Content warning: Theatrical haze, flickering lights, strong sounds

Tickets: Lippu.fi

Price: 35 / 32 / 20

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Group bookings (min. 10 people):

A short episode in the universal history of the mushroom civilization

The future is in the making here and now.

Saturated in black humour, the play is an invitation to imagine a post-human future. Visually stunning, the performance transports the audience from one time to the next. One potential history of our universe is revealed one layer at a time, covering a timespan of millions of years. The visionary performance creates surprising connections between creatures, phenomena and events.

The show invites the audience to imagine what the future might look like. It also invites us to ask ourselves: what if the future is already here?

The playtext is by Mikhail Durnenkov and the set design by Ksenia Peretrukhina, both multi-award-winning artists now living in exile in Finland. The performance is directed by dramaturge and director Essi Rossi whose works are renowned for their meticulous rhythm. The artistic team is completed by Pauli Riikonen (sound), Liisa Pesonen (costume design) and Ilmari Paananen (lighting and video), with Carl Alm, Antonia Atarah, Elmer Bäck, Milla Kangas and Kauri Sorvari performing on stage as well as five child performers.

Playwright & dramaturg: Mikhail Durnenkov

Director: Essi Rossi

Scenographer: Ksenia Peretrukhina

Sound design: Pauli Riikonen

Costume design: Liisa Pesonen

Light and video design: Ilmari Paananen

Producer: Irina Duskova

On stage: Carl Alm, Antonia Atarah, Elmer Bäck, Milla Kangas, Kauri Sorvari​


Would you like to hear more about the background of the play? Low-key presentations of the production are organized at the Espoo City Theater on four evenings prior to the performances. Bar Juoru is open from 6 pm and the presentations begin at 6:15 pm.

Wed Feb 2nd: presentation in English
Tue Feb 7th: presentation in Finnish
Tue Feb 14th: presentation in Russian
Thu Feb 16th: presentation in Swedish


On Wed Feb 8th, at 7 pm after the performance you are welcome to join us, as director Essi Rossi and author Mikhail Durnenkov discuss the play and answer questions from the audience. The language of the discussion is English, but questions are welcome in Finnish too. Bar Juoru is open after the performance.

These events are free of charge. Tickets for the performances:

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Recension: En kort episod i svampcivilisationens universella historia
Elin Lindberg, Studentbladet, 3.2.2023

En häpnadsväckande vision av framtiden, människans hybris och undergång
Lasse Garoff, Svenska Yle, 3.2.2023

Människans förtvivlan i svamparnas framtid
Rakel Similä, Ny Tid, 2.2.2023

Teaterrecension: Svampvälde på jorden när människan dött ut
Astrid Stenius, Östnyland, 1.2.2023

Ihmiskunta ei ole ikuinen, sanoo näytelmä, jossa parasta on tomera sienilakkipäinen lapsikuoro
Lauri Meri, Helsingin Sanomat, 1.2.2023

Ödesmättat svampdrama ställer svåra frågor
Otto Ekman, Huvudstadsbladet, 1.2.2023

Nyt se tapahtui, painajainen ensi-illan jälkeen
Antti Taipale, 1.2.2023


Yle Uutiset 20.30 (from 18:35)
Sanna Vilkman, Yle, 31.1.2023

Venäläisen nykyteatterin tähti maanpaossa Suomessa: ”Putinin hallinto on jo hävinnyt”
Sanna Vilkman, Yle, 31.1.2023

Personporträtt: Antonia Atarah
Elin Lindberg, Studentbladet, 31.1.2023

Yle Nyheter TV-nytt 19.30 (from 17.26)
Åsa Thodén, Svenska Yle, 30.1.2023

Rysk dramatiker i exil sätts upp i sitt nya hemland Finland
Tove Djupsjöbacka, Hufvudstadsbladet, 30.1.2023

Rysk dramatiker i exil i Finland tror på Putins fall: "Vi kan välja vilken framtid vi skapar"
Lasse Garoff, Svenska Yle, 27.1.2023 

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